OE Replacement Sensor is preprogrammed with essential information.  It has the same fit, same function, same relearn procedure as OE sensor.
1. 100% compatible with OE sensors.
2. No complex programming process.
3. Work with major TPMS tools; no extra expenses on tools.
4. Sensors carry with auto relearn function if the vehicle owns auto learn TPMS system.  Just fit and drive in accordance with the instruction to turn off TPMS light.
5. To develop specific auto location sensors which register 4 wheels positions automatically.  Having full function to prevent issues while rotate wheels.

  • OBE-012 for BMW application
  • OBE-013 for Volkswagen application
  • OBE-017 for BMW appllication
  • OBE-018 for Porsche application
  • OSC-8214 for M-Benz application

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